Phovia is shining a light on veterinary dermatology!

About phovia

The Phovia system supports the skin’s natural healing mechanisms through a process called ‘fluorescence biomodulation’. Phovia is a two-part system, comprising a LED lamp and a chromophore gel, used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths.

The chromophores act as a photo-physical spectrum converter that absorb photons from the lamp, and in turn emit a multi-wavelength spectrum of Fluorescent Light Energy. In addition to blue wavelengths, they also emit:

  • Green Light - Penetrates 0.5-2mm, targeting fibroblasts in the dermis, supporting natural regeneration
  • Yellow Light - Penetrates 1-2mm, maintains normal skin comfort
  • Red light - Penetrates up to 6mm, supports collagen synthesis and ATP production
Phovia Lamp

the lamp

The lamp is a hand-held battery unit. Built-in controls make using the lamp for the correct period easy for any trained member of staff.


The Chromophore Gel

The gel contains chromophores, specialised molecules that can absorb photons of directed light (from the LED lamp) and then re-emit them at different wavelengths. This produces the fluorescent light energy (FLE) that is key to how the Phovia system supports pet’s skin. The gel is applied to the pet's skin, and then illuminated with the lamp which then stimulates the patient’s own biological healing process through the principles of photobiomodulation.

Gel schematic
Lamp schematic

Why Use Phovia

The Phovia system helps to create an environment supporting the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms. Phovia provides in-clinic, non-invasive light application, combining LED blue light and chromophore gel for photobiomodulation. Empower your practice team to support your patient’s quality of life and support sustainability in dermatology through stimulating the patient’s own healing process with new and innovative technology.